The thrill that the online casinos offer is becoming a craze and hence one can find many such sites being opened daily. The players are also smart and keep hopping from one site to another. Keeping up with the growing competition is getting difficult and online casinos are finding various means to increase traffic to their site and retain more and more players.

The advantage of online casinos is that one can play at home and make some easy buck at his own convenience. All that is needed is an internet connection with good speed. One must also note that few countries have legal restriction on online casinos and players from such countries cannot register themselves on the site. One can play online casino games for free or for money. When you play for real money it is called gambling.

Free play casinos are available all over the internet and it is easy to find them. One may ponder why would one allow free games and the answer to it is very simple – because it is the easiest way to attract player to their site. What better offer than to play games without losing money and gain entertainment. One can visit the website, find free online games and play free of cost. So simple isn’t it?

The other question that comes to our mind is why would anyone allow free games when there are gambling dens where people play with real money? The answer lies in the question itself, why would anyone risk their money for enjoyment when you can find the same without risking your money. The business strategy of these casinos is that players who come to their site for free play would someday register themselves and become customers. Therefore, attracting a huge number of players is important to help them- to earn more deposits, convert visitors to customers, offer good games with good features and keep the volume high for better profits.

The longer the player spends on the site the more confidence he develops with respect to the gaming software, the payments, the security features offered by the site and the support offered by the website. This confidence helps the casinos retain him and make him want to come back to the site on an on-going basis. The longer the player stays the bigger potential he is to become a real money player. But most of the players play online casino games for fun only.

Two types of free play casino games are available. In the first type, one can download the game and start playing the game by using the free play option. In the second type, you need not download the game but can play from directly the site itself. In either types of game play you have to register yourself with the site before they allow free play of the game.

Free play casino is becoming popular day by day and seems that the future gaming scenario will be ruled by the changes it would bring in the world of entertainment.