Not A Regular Online Casino Review, This Is My Vegas Red Review

Lets set the record straight here my readers, this review is not one of those generic garbage reviews that you see all over the net that are being regurgitated every second. This is MY own Vegas Red online casino review.

The Bait

From the moment I entered Vegas Red’s main website, I was impressed by the site design, a couple of seconds later, this was ruined by a popup of a chat screen trying to shove a deposit bonus down my throat. I took a deep breadth and decided to give this online casino a go without dismissing it into my huge and ever growing pile of scam online casinos. Besides, I wanted to find out what the catch was behind the $888 bonus.


With an overwhelming sense of curiosity, I was doing my best to scan through all the terms and conditions (in really small print might I add) governing this $888 bonus and to my surprise didn’t find anything that could harm me from getting this $888 bonus (apart from the wagering requirement). A quick scan through their website also informed me that Vegas Red is regulated in Antigua and Barbuda and audited by Technical Systems Testing (TST) which are on my white list. At this point, Vegas Red passed part 1 of my reliability test.

With adrenaline rushing through my veins, I proceeded to making a deposit (a small one I might add) just to test the waters and was immediately appraised by a member of the support team who tried to shove another bonus down my throat. Man they can get annoying at times. Vegas Red offered me a 100% online casino bonus which is essentially double my deposit. Now to put Vegas Red’s integrity to the test and also get a feel for their withdrawal process, I proceeded with a withdrawal. One downside to the withdrawal process is that you cannot withdraw to any other method other than you deposit method. I used Moneybookers and got the money back in four days. Hmm that’s pretty standard (I didn’t get my bonus duh). I deposited again and Vegas Red put me up for a second deposit bonus as mentioned in their website and as promised they gave me 25% of my deposit. You might think its not much but trust me my friends many a online casino have fooled its patrons by offering huge online casino bonuses spread over multiple deposits. What these casinos don’t tell you is that as soon as you withdraw, you are not eligible to receive any more bonuses.


Vegas Red passed my integrity test. Now I had to find out how much they value customers and reputation. I call this my flexibility test. In this test, I will place bets on restricted games such as Roulette etc. Use my strategies, win some money and fulfill my wagering requirements by playing their slots games. I e-mailed them to confirm if I had fulfilled wagering requirements and proceeded with quite a substantial withdrawal. This is the deal breaker my friends…Most dodgy online casinos will try their utmost best to find any loop hole they can to screw you. Trust me, many of these have refused to process a withdrawal based on the fact that I wagered on a ‘restricted’ game EVEN though I lost the wager and EVEN though I played ‘unrestricted’ games and fulfilled wagering requirements. Vegas Red did not even complain. I got my money in four days and Vegas Red deserves a spot on my top list.

Further Reading

For more information on Vegas Red Online Casino, visit my website The Gaming Guru where you will find a list of comprehensive and detailed reviews and a resource of hints and tips so that you don’t make the same mistakes I made.

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