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Kerching online casino hosts a collection of fantastic licensed titles. Most gamers should recognise these games. A large amount of amazing cash payouts can be won in these online casino slots.

Online casino players should prepare themselves for battle on the seven waters in this exciting Battleship – Search and Destroyonline casino title. This online slots title features two amazing bonus rounds. Battleship – Winning Encounter is fantastic free spins bonus  This online casino title has a unique complimentary spins bonus where gamers try to destroy an enemy boat for amazing multipliers. Online casino players also have the opportunity to play a classic match of Battleship on the Sink the Fleet online casino bonus.

Online casino gamers must attempt to sink a fleet of enemy vessels in a game of huge multipliers. Online casino gamers have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes if they sink all the boats with a limited amount of shots.

The online casino slotTransformers – Ultimate Payback sees online casino gamers join with the Autobots or Megatron in a quest for world domination. This exciting online casino title is inspired by the loved 80s cartoon. This generous online casino slot machine has a variety of memorable elements and includes appearances from a number of familiar characters. This online casino title also has a amazing bonus round. Megatron and an Autobot battle in this online casino mini game. Online casino gamers can be awarded lucrative cash prizes for guessing the winner of this online casino scrap.

Dungeons and Dragons is a thrilling 20-payline online slots game. Strategy buffs will recognise this thrilling online casino title. Online casino players can even adventure a labyrinth filled with payouts in this online casino game. Online casino gamers must vanquish hardened monsters to continue in this fantastic bonus. Gamers must roll a dice in order to best evil monsters. For those brave online casino players who survive the trials of the dungeon a fantastic free spins bonus game awaits.

There are a selection of amazing titles at Kerching online casino which are based on recognisable franchises. Monopoly Here and Now and Jeopardy are just two more games.

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