SHFL Entertainment – New Name for Shuffle Master

This week, an announcement came that Shuffle Master has undergone rebranding and has taken up a new company name SHFL Entertainment, Inc. with immediate effect.

According to the company, the new name incorporates the Company’s mission and its impact in the casino gaming industry.

In relation to this, Chief executive officer Gavin Isaacs said: “The ‘SHFL’ part pays tribute to the name of the Company chosen by our founder, John Breeding, and the Company’s legacy product, card shufflers. ‘SHFL’ is the Company’s NASDAQ ticker symbol, which was selected by the Company when it was publicly listed, an important milestone in our history. ‘Entertainment’ embodies what we provide to the industry with our expanded product lines, namely proprietary table games, e-tables, slot machines, utility products, and iGaming solutions.”

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