Types Of Online Casino Bonuses Offered Online

There are so many sites which provide you with playing casinos online. You just have to sign up the form and stars playing the game. They will prompt you for bonus codes while you are filling up the form. It is not necessary that you have to enter the bonus codes to enter the site and start playing the game. Bonus codes are just for an opportunity for you to get the bonus while you play. Many players are attracted towards online casinos so that they get the feel of casino business and also they can learn something about the game. You might have seen in clubs, they offering certain free meals and drinks while you are playing. This is just a scheme to attract more players to join their game. This obviously cannot happen when you are playing online, but still they manage to attract people by offering the casino bonuses.

There are different types of bonus which these websites offer for their players and often players get confused on how and when to use these bonuses. They should be well aware of the different bonuses and know exactly how to use them. These different types of casino bonuses are:

1.    Welcome Bonus: you can make out from the name itself that these are the bonuses given to the player when they first enter the site. These bonuses are used for marketing purposes in attracting more players so that they come and play the casino game on their website. Because of the growing competition in online casino business, most of the websites keeps special bonus rates which will definitely attract more customers towards them.

2.    Monthly bonus: after players have used up their welcome bonus while playing on the websites, there are chances that they will turn up more for playing. These websites offer monthly bonus for the players who are coming back to the websites to play more. These bonuses are granted to the players on monthly basis.
3.    High Roller Bonus: Some people spend money like crazy on the online casinos, so in order to make them happy websites offer them high roller bonuses so that they can deposit them and play more on their websites. These high roller members also enjoys the benefits of VIP clubs, promotions etc.

4.    Payment Method Bonus: Payment bonuses are given for the customers so that they can withdraw and deposit the money. These websites offer their players extra bonus so that they use the payment methods like Moneybookers and Click2Pay for paying the money.

So there are no of bonuses which the players are provided by the website, only thing is that you should know how to use them and when to use them. According their game plan and requirements, players should take up the bonuses offered by the websites. They should make sure they use their bonus at the proper otherwise it should not happen that instead of earning more money they end up losing the money they already had.

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