What Is An Online Casino Deposit Bonus?

Types of Online Casino Deposit Bonuses

To start playing with real money in an online casino you need to open a real money account and deposit a sum of money. The amount needed to start with can vary a lot and is sometimes as low as $5 and sometimes more than $500. As soon as you’ve made your deposit you’re entitled to an online casino welcome bonus. The welcome bonus might as well be called a First Time Deposit Bonus as that is what it is, in essence. This first deposit bonus is usually given in percent so that you’ll receive more when you deposit more. Most casinos offer a 100% Welcome Bonus but in a few cases it can be as much as 300% making the first deposit quite a lucrative one.

Sometimes you can even receive an online casino bonus without having to make a deposit but it is never as generous as the real money bonus. It is usually just a few dollars to make the online gaming more fun. In one online casino the Welcome Bonus might be split up into several stages and you then get the advantage of a bonus for more than one time. In the end, however, the sum of the bonus might equal that of a one time deposit bonus in another casino.

Another online casino bonus dependent on the deposit is the online casino refer-a-friend bonus. As soon as a friend that you’ve invited makes a deposit you’ll receive a bonus to further enhance your gaming. This type of deposit bonus sometimes rewards both you and the friend you convinced to join and it can vary great in size depending on online casino.

It is not only the new player that can be rewarded simply for making deposits. Most online casinos have a reward scheme when it comes to deposits. Sometimes you’ll find a program where the deposit bonus grows each time you deposit up till the fourth payment. Sometimes the online casino deposit bonus will be a surprise which rewards loyal players every week or month. It can also be aimed at the individual player and set after his personal amount of gaming and deposits.

Online Casino Deposit Bonus for Payment Method

A more specific form of online casino deposit bonus is the bonus rewarded following your choice of an online casino payment method. Many online casino payment systems want to make it easier for their customers to gamble and therefore they make deals with the online casinos. You will find that services such as Neteller, Citadel and other online wallet systems will hand out bonuses of up to 20% when used for deposits. A bonus for depositing money using the standard credit cards is rarely seen but sometimes the online casino will offer to cover the costs involved in using a credit card.

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